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Suzanne has a unique gift of writing melodies and lyrics simultaneously.  Her combination of major, minor and dissonant chord structures creates haunting melodies that blend with dramatic lyrics.  Her music tells a story.  When you listen to her music you can see every image of the picture she paints.  Suzanne likes that her listeners can make emotional connections to her music based on their own personal experiences.

"For me, the creation process begins in solitude when I listen to the silence that surrounds me.  I find special hideaways where I embrace the natural surroundings until I become a part of its beauty.  Nature is not something that has to be found, it just needs to be appreciated.  It takes on its own rhythm, color and form creating its own vibe just like composing music."

"See how nature ---- trees, flowers, grass ---

grows in silence;

See the stars, the moon and the sun ----

how they move in silence...

We need silence to be able to touch souls."

(Mother Teresa)

"When composing, my songs do not always begin at the piano.  Sometimes I start with unlined paper and a pencil.  There are no boundaries.  Words conceived by emotions is where I like to begin.  There are times when I sit at my piano and I begin to play random chords and melodies.  Some of them turn into a song immediately and others happen slowly.  The magic is when my melodies and lyrics blend together and slowly I hear my song come to life. 

Music is an open window to the soul and can express one's deepest and most hidden emotions.  There is an emotional connection as to why a song is written.  If people can feel that, then I know my song is worth singing."


Suzanne has trained classically in piano and voice and performed professionally in the world of musical theatre.

She uses all of the elements from her experiences in performing, and her training in voice, dance, piano, acting, and playwriting to give interpretation and style to her music which makes it unique.  Suzanne's music is classified as New Age and creates a certain ambience that is ethereal, inspirational, and spiritual.

SILENT RIVER RECORDS is an independent record label founded in 2006 by Suzanne Keghlian. 

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Photo: Courtesy of James G. Henry